In the middle of the Palatinate, one of the most beautiful regions in Germany, sits this wine bar and restaurant, surrounded by vineyards. The landmarked building tells the story of a very long tradition and the interior design changes are accordingly handled with care. Existing masonry made from Palatinate sandstone and the historic vaulted ceilings determine the character of the premises and are combined with simple yet elegant fixtures. In the lounge area, armchairs and upholstered benches invite guests to linger in front of the fireplace. Wine bottles are used to form room dividers and decorative wall elements in niches. A modern, grounded wine bar flair is created, which continues in the in-house shop, where the guests can participate in wine tastings.

  • Project Interior Design of a Wine Bar and Restaurant Deidesheim
  • Year of project 2009
  • Team Dipl.Ing. für Innenarchitektur Sören Klebingat Dipl.Ing. für Innenarchitektur Carola Eickelmann