Not far from the Brandenburg state capital, Potsdam, is the villa from the 30s which required reorganisation of the spacial structures owing to numerous structural changes in the past. Materials and design elements return to the house a wholeness that had been lost over the years. Oak parquet and installations in oak veneer can now be found throughout the house. The entrance area with the newly developed conservatory and open kitchen are inviting and the combination of slate and white kitchen cabinets give the room a modern character. In the fittings of the wardrobe, the design of the oak veneer is continued, and indeed the oak veneer runs like a red ribbon of design through the house. Bathroom furniture, doors, built-in shelving and individual furniture are thus part of a whole. The entire interior design concept is clear, well thought out and tailored specifically to the needs of the family.

  • Project Interior Design and Implementation for a Villa Wilhelmshorst
  • Year of Project 2010-2014
  • Team Dipl.Ing. für Innenarchitektur Sören Klebingat Dipl.Ing. für Innenarchitektur Carola Eickelmann