The reception area of the Holiday Inn has been redesigned to take into account the corporate identity and the inventory. The carpet especially designed by VonSchöngestalt for Holiday Inn gives the area a playful lightness. Apple green armchairs and wall colors create a pleasant contrast to the existing cherry wood paneling. The reception desk has been updated to feature new white glossy fronts and the design is now very friendly and inviting. Accessories such as cushions and single lighting elements complete the interior design concept.

The breakfast area received a facelift including bright new parquet flooring which harmonises very well with the repainted buffet spreads. Chairs and tables were refurbished and complemented the color concept. A variety of round ceiling lights in beige tones give the room character. The inventory bar was completely overbuilt, rear walls and shelves had their colours adapted to the overall interior design of the restaurant.

  • Project Interior Design and Implementation Management of Holiday Inn Berlin City East
  • Year of project 2010 / 2011
  • Team Dipl.Ing. für Innenarchitektur Sören Klebingat Dipl.Ing. für Innenarchitektur Carola Eickelmann