The award-winning interior design offices of formerly German-based company VonSchöngestalt are located in Manly on the northern beaches of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, however the serviced area for VonSchöngestalt is not limited to their physical location. Sören Klebingat, founder and principle interior designer of VonSchöngestalt has worked with clients all over the world and is open to enquiries from anywhere. The company has its roots in Berlin, Germany, in a neighbourhood known for its creative flair and sense of style. Sören now calls Australia home and as such his business has relocated with him, bringing the diverse inspirations of modern Berlin to mix with the sunny beachside culture of Sydney, creating a unique energy and style of modern design. Together with his team and his partner companies in Europe and South America, Sören creates complete design concepts for hotels, restaurants, trade fairs, events, retail spaces and private residences – always tailor made to suit the wishes of his clients to reach a high level of quality, individuality and identity. Using the most modern technologies, VonSchöngestalt can create 3D renderings and visualisations of spaces being designed should the client so desire, thereby allowing a realistic preview of the project before the physical work has begun.