In direct proximity to the Berlin main train station and with a view over the Humboldthafen, the space felt made to house a restaurant. A brass-covered self-service counter stands in pleasant contrast to the metro tiles and gives a modern industrial character. This aesthetic is playfully broken by an opulent crystal chandelier and creates an exciting spatial composition. Rustic authentic materials like the large tables in the center of the restaurant are combined with plain, clear chairs. The vertical divisions of the wall surfaces by slats accentuate the height of the room. Spacious outdoor areas under the colonnades invite you to linger in the summer months and soak up the overall interior design concept.

  • Project Interior Design Restaurant Humboldthafen Berlin
  • Year of project 2014
  • Team Dipl.Ing. für Innenarchitektur Sören Klebingat Dipl.Ing. für Innenarchitektur Katja Schuster