The idea was to show Berlin in its many facets. A city that initially looks gray and repellent, but the more one is willing to dive into it, the more exciting and colorful it becomes. These experiences made poets, scientists and stars just as we do today. What remains are the proverbs and poems. These become part of the interior design and permeate the floor of the retail space. The furnishing of the goods presentation is in the context of the floor and ceiling design. Multiple white ribbons can be seen throughout, which break through the dark gray interior design. They seem like boundaries – sometimes connecting, sometimes separating but always to be seen as a tribute to the history of the city.


  • Project Interior Design Duty Free Shop BER Airport Berlin
  • Year of project 2008
  • Team Dipl.Ing. für Innenarchitektur Sören Klebingat Dipl.Ing. für Innenarchitektur Carola Eickelmann